Every couple has arguments, but not every couple can air them live on the radio. Jess and Jim are having a debate. Listen to both sides and vote to let us know who's right.

You heard both sides, now you get to vote. In the case of "Bromancing the Home," who do you think is right?

Jim has started hanging out with a new friend but Jess thinks it's a little extreme. Jim texts him all of the time and even calls him at least every other night. Jim even has stopped hanging out with his other friends as much to spend time with this guy. Jess thought it was strange but hit a whole new level when he asked to move date night for this guy. They had already planned to have a date night on Thursday and now he's saying because they live together, moving it one day shouldn't be a problem so he could see his friend.

Put yourself in their shoes. If this was an argument you were having with your significant other, which side would you be on?

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