Every couple has arguments, but not every couple can air them live on the radio. Jess and Jim are having a debate. Listen to both sides and vote to let us know who's right.

You heard both sides, now you get to vote. In the case of "Jim's Tired Old Lounge Act," who do you think is right?

Jess and Jim just got a washer and dryer a few months ago and with that, Jess has noticed some of his laundry habits. Jim will wear the same pair of comfy pants for weeks at a time and not wash them. He says because no one sees him and he's only lounging around the house, that they're not really getting dirty. He thinks once per month washing them is fine. Jess says he still sweats in them and is still wearing them for a large number of hours and wants him to wash the pants once per week. She admits it's not like the smell but it's not hygenic.

Put yourself in their shoes. If this was an argument you were having with your significant other, which side would you be on?

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