Jess Briganti, a very popular local news personality is leaving us in March. And even though I rarely heard her speak in her two years here, I along with many people in the Capital Region will miss her face.

Each morning before we get settled into our morning show on GNA, Chrissy puts her favorite local news station on the TV that sits high in studio.  I'd say it's about 10 feet from where we do our show.  The News 10 ABC morning crew is a nice one to have on in the background and we obviously 'mute' it so that it doesn't interfere with the show we're trying to do.  Even on mute, it's a useful resource as they always feature attention grabbing headlines, a fun 'man on the street' component and regular weather updates from a very bright, positive, and cheery weather forecaster named Jess Briganti.

Since the news is on mute, I rarely hear her speak in fact I may not have heard her say actual words until she was about a year into the job, but from the moment she started with the wake up crew at News 10, we liked her and were bummed when we found out today that's she leaving.

Briganti just kind of jumps off the screen with her radiant energy and she's always looks like she finds joy in the work she does.  Not that other local personalities don't look happy to be at work, she just look extra excited to be there...not an easy thing to do when your day starts around 1 or 2 am.  I'm seriously so thankful that TV crews don't capture me in the morning.  Ragged, tired, dumbfounded, and confused are not good optics and I'm sure I'd appear the exact opposite as Briganti; joy-less.

Briganti announced that her last day with the Wake Up team as News 10 BC will be March 13th.  I'm sure she'll find joy in whatever her next venture is and while she was vague in a Twitter post about her future, I can't imagine she's leaving without a great job opportunity in TV or in life.

But I think I speak for many in the Capital Region by stating that Jess Briganti - and her face - will be missed.

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