I think we all do this from time to time. You start listening to one particular artist and for awhile that is all you listen to. That has happened to me as of late with the music of Jamey Johnson.

I've liked Double J's music for some time now." The Dollar","In Color" and "High Cost of Livin" all caught my attention but i never gave a real good listen to the rest of  his tunes until now.

When WGNA started playing "Heartache", My jaw dropped.  It is such a great piece of songwriting. The song is written in the first person as Johnson himself  is Heartache and describes it much like a monster who is "hungry and huntin' someone I can eat alive"

After i heard this song I picked up his last 2 albums and really started to listen. Loving everything I heard.I'm hooked.  I may be a little late on this, but I truly am now a Jamey Johnson fan!  He truly is the best songwriter in country music today!