For years Milo, my 3 legged Akita was the man of the house. He's about 7 years old now. I never thought I would get another dog until I saw Brutus.

We really don't know what he is, but he is adorable. I believe he is a mix (a mutt) between a long haired chijuaua and a Pomeranian. This little guy is a comedian with a real personality and he has even gotten Milo to be more active and play with him. My daughters Cassie and Erica call him their best friend and they really mean it. Brutus, which was the name I chose for him becasue it is the exact opposite of what he is. I had a 50 pound German Shepard years ago that I named Tiny. LOL


I hope Brutus is around for years to come, and can't think of a better new addition to the family. What was your favorite dog that your family had when you grew up, or have you gotten a new puppy that just makes the family feel better all over like Brutus? Let me know.

Here's the 2 pound terror Brutus with the girls dancing for treats, with a special guest appearance by Milo the 3 legged wonder dog! Enjoy.

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