Today I sit in the chair of a great friend and boss. By now you know Jake has moved on from WGNA but it will be a VERY long time before a lot of us here forget what a great guy he was to work for.

Jake is a genuine and awesome guy and I miss working with him already but the lessons I learned will live on forever. He taught me you could get your point across without being a jerk. Jake hated yelling at you maybe more than you hated being yelled at. As I write this I feel like I'm being way too sad. The bottom line is I know when I walk into a bar in Glens Falls there a great chance I'll hear that friendly voice we've all come to love so much offer a beer and a warm greeting. He'll also say "I'll tell you what..what" and "That's hotter than a 2 dollar pistol". Love yah Jake best wishes on everything in your life my brother. See you soon!


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