Remember when families and kids used to actually go out on their lawns at their actual homes and play games? Yes, they actually used to do that.

When I was at home we had a net in the backyard that was 6 feet high and doubled for volleyball and badminton. I we had horse shoe pits, a basketball court, a croquet set in the cellar that we would break out every once in a while too. We also had lawn jarts too. Do you remember lawn jarts. They were big darts with weighted metal tips. You would set up bright yellow plastic rings about 60 feet apart and there were 2 red and 2 blue jarts. It was played like horse shoes in the scoring system. If you thre your jart in the ring it was 3 points and if you were the closet outside the ring with the length of a jart it was 1 pont. 21 points won the game.

I don't know why, but they outlawed the sale of jarts in the United States saying that they were deadly. Maybe some people got drunk and threw them at each other instead of the target. People said that their pets had been killed by lawn jarts too. I had 3 dogs and probably played over 1,000 games of lawn jarts growing up and nobody was ever close to getting hurt or killed. I do though remember someone getting in a car accident one time when my neighbors threw an errant water balloon which left their property and hit a passing vehicle in the windshield stratling the driver who jerked the wheel and hit their mailbox. They still sell water balloons. Here's a old school tutorial on lawn jarts in case you forgot about "this deadly" lawn game of years gone by. Lawn jarts by the way have even been outlawed for sale on ebay, but you can still sell or buy them on Craigslist.