I'll ask again.  Is your child secure in that car seat?  Is it securely fastened? Is it facing the right way?  Is it in the front seat or the back?  Things to think about, especially this week.


I remember that car seat thing very clearly.  I always buckled him in securely, but the seat belt was usually all tangled, and sometimes I will admit - the seat was a little loose, but I said to myself "good enough - I don't drive that fast".

Bad, bad, bad thinking.  You can't overstate how important this first step is when you are ready to zoom out of your driveway for parts unknown.

That's why this week is designated Car Passenger Safety Week .. There's a website designated for all the information you need- trafficsafetymarketing.gov

Hopefully everyone will read up on what's required to safely contain your child in your vehicle - and for God sakes, don't drive with him or her on your lap!   Be safe, everyone!