Somebody in the Adirondacks took a video of a huge feline, the only problem is they can't tell if it's a bobcat or a mountain lion. One of them is native to the mountains and one of them is extinct, you can help figure out which it is.

Cici Marie LaPierre posted a video on Sunday of a huge feline on Saranac Lake and has no idea what it is - either a bobcat or a mountain lion, according to New York Upstate. A lot of people are saying that it's a bobcat, which is native to the Adirondacks but due to the low lighting, it does seem to resemble some mountain lion qualities as well. The video is leaving people stumped.

Mountain lions have been extinct in this area for years but many have said that they've recently seen them in the area but without hard proof. Professor Paul Curtis of the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University says with his expert opinion that he believes the cat to be a bobcat but that doesn't mean many 100% are taking his word for it.

Take a look at the video yourself, what do you think it is? (Warning: there may be explicit language)

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