See that big 18 wheeler behind you?  Yea, that one in your rear view mirror!  Could it be loaded with undetected safety violations?  Here's how they do it and what Chuck Shumer is trying to address.

It's easy.   If your trucks are falling apart, all you do is keep the same  vehicles, the same drivers, and everything else but change the company name to avoid getting caught!

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Oh yea?  Not so fast there buddy!  According to the Times Union, Senator Chuck Shumer is trying really hard to crack down on these "chameleon truckers".  More than 1,000 trucking firms have applied for permits even though they are sketchy.

The article goes on to say that most truckers are safe and within the law, but still this is a growing problem that needs to be addressed.

87 trucking companies in the Capital Region alone have been accused of safety violations!    Hopefully something will be done!  We all need to be safe on the roads!

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