Sometimes I think I live in a cave because for some reason I did not know about this. A friend of mine sent me an e mail yesterday and asked if I wanted to take the Rally Bus to the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain next weekend and include the link. I was like whoa what a great idea!

Let's be honest, one of the few things that can suck about going to any big event is dealing with the traffic only to wind up in some off site parking lot too far away. With this Rally Bus idea you get taken right to the door and have a great time NOT driving. You have a bathroom to use, comfy seats and friends along for the ride. There is a great chance that you will also make some new friends on the way.

You also don't have to worry about driving down the mountain on the way home Sunday night.

If you are interested in booking the "Rally Bus" when I checked it out they only needed like 7 more people to book before it was officially "on". Have fun and we will see you at the Taste of County Music Festival!

And if for some reason you have not yet gotten your tickets to the festival, get those now!



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