Nascar has definitely been making a statement both on and off the track this year. If you have been following the races so far, you have no doubt also been seeing the commercials stating that "anything can happen , and usually does". The latest commercials touting "Rivals" and as of late Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin definitely fall into that category.

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The last few races they have been going at each other hard and to be honest it has been very exciting to watch as a fan. I don't want anyone getting seriously injured and I don't watch the races just hoping to see big pile ups, but I do like when guys race hard.

There is a very fine line though, as any driver will tell you between driving hard and purposely wrecking a guy, If the drivers think you purposely wreck someone they all will be hunting you for many races to come, not to mention the fines and points you will lose at the hand of Nascar itself.

So there it is, to me, Joey Logano spent the entire race today "racing hard", he pushed, he blocked, he bumped and quite possibly, caused a serious injury to Denny Hamlin at the end of the race. So, I ask you all, was he in the wrong, or is this just the kind of thing Nascar has been missing for the last few years.

I have to admit, If you painted his car black and put a 3 on it, I would have thought I had gone back in time. What do you think?

And what about Tony Stewart , who ran over after the race to through some punches at Joey because he blocked him on a restart? Am I mistaken or is that what any good racer would do? Tony, I like you and I love that you are so emotional but really? Are drivers supposed to just let guys go by them or do you have to earn it?

Here is video of the last lap of the race today:

Again, I do pray Denny is OK!