As I was skimming through some articles, one made me stop: "Here's the Best State for Older Americans - And the Worst." I knew New York wouldn't be listed as the best. But, listen I'm not one to put us down, by any means! I'm just aware of the troubles that could be considered living here. I also didn't think we'd be the worst either, which we're not. But, where did we fall?

This study was done by WalletHub and they looked at three categories

  • Affordability
  • Quality of Life
  • Healthcare

I know what you're thinking, we're probably screwed, right? Affordability and healthcare are not the best to be judged on, but I guess when it comes to a retirement budget, it's necessary.

It looks like we have one of the highest life expectancy rates, which clearly is a good thing and even lowest property crime rates. Heck, we even have the more museums per capita which means we've got places to go and people to see. But again, I have a feeling the affordability and healthcare situation has us knocked down a bit. In fact, while we weren't dead last, we were in the last tier of states to retire in, coming in at #41 of 51 (they're including Washington D.C.)

So, what I've taken from this? Live here as long as we want, then retire somewhere down South like the rest of 'em!

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