Is New York the Worst State to Retire In? Check the Stats
As I was skimming through some articles, one made me stop: "Here's the Best State for Older Americans - And the Worst." I knew New York wouldn't be listed as the best. But, listen I'm not one to put us down, by any means! I'm just aware of the troubles that coul…
Dustin Lynch Co-Writes Worst Country Song Ever
A dream came true for me right here in Albany! I got to collaborate on a new song with country superstar Dustin Lynch. Do I have any musical skills? No, but did that stop me from pursuing my dream? Of course not.
The Band Perry's Worst Interview Ever
Okay, I know that people harp on me for not taking artist interviews seriously but despite this train wreck of an interview, I really did try my hardest.
It's been a while since my last interview and I thought the time off would have been a good thing...