Can you guys help me out?

I think my hand might be broken, but I'm not sure.

I really don't want to go to the doctor if it's not necessary... but it's been a couple of days now, and the swelling and pain doesn't seem to be any better.

You see, I went to a super fun party on Saturday night and I had some (and by some I mean a lot) of wine and I did some crazy things... some of which I don't remember.  Like, for instance, injuring my hand.

Here's a picture -

It's swollen, bruised and sore, but I can move it.  It just hurts kinda bad!

Don't worry, I had a designated driver, and someone very responsible taking care of my kids, so the only casualty was my poor little hand.

And maybe the poor women who I cried to in the bathroom... or maybe the poor boy who I apparently gave my phone number to in front of my husband... and also my poor husband!

Don't drink.  That's the real moral of the story.  Because blogging is easier when your hand's not swollen and bruised.


Have you ever injured yourself while you were drinking?  This is a first for me, but from what I understand, it happens a lot!  Be careful out there!  Drink responsibly!