My mom, Nancy, is going a bit stir-crazy like the rest of us being cooped up inside during the coronavirus outbreak. She loves to paint and equally likes to drink. She was going to do a "how-to" paint and sip video but decided to just do the sip. This time she stirs something up for him too. This is my mom's second Paint and Sip video where she doesn't paint anything but teaches you how to make a drink. This time it's a screwdriver. Feeling she left out the guys in her first video, she shows how this drink can be stirred-up for either him or her.

My mom also takes the drink's name seriously where, during the video, she actually stirs the drink with an actual screwdriver. Her first drink was a favorite of hers called the Bocce Ball. Now the screwdriver. Next up will be her famous chocolate cherry martinis.

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