"But Richie - It's Only October. Why are you even discussing this now?", I hear you say. Well, there's a darn good reason, and I just wanted to plant the seed early.


It's not bad to start planning early. Nothing wrong with thinking ahead and getting a jump on everyone before things are sold out. Of course, you can always pick something like Times Square - but then again you have to deal with all that insanity.

II'll cut to the chase here. Kevin Richards and I were talking, and although we've worked together at 'GNA for years, we've never REALLY done a gig together. He does his line dance lessons and DJ hosting. I DJ and play live keyboards, sing song parodies, and we both love trivia contests.

So why not pool our resources for once and think "out of the box?". So we're doing it! Would you like more information as to when, where and how much? here- I'll let Kevin tell ya - Kevin and Richie's New Years Eve Event

Would love to see all of our friends there (meaning YOU). Sign up now and get the best seats!

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