7 months after giving birth to Tajiri, the world's most famous giraffe may be expecting again.

Could April the giraffe have another baby on the way? Nothing is official yet, but based on an appearance by Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch on Good Morning America (GMA), there may just be another baby on the away.

According to a News 10 story, Patch told GMA he could not "...confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy.” I am not a mind reader, but of the giraffe was not preggo, they would just state that, right? If April is pregnant, it will be a while before the next birth. According to Google, giraffes typically have a gestation period of 13-15 months. So if April is expecting, the next baby would probably arrive sometime in early 2019

Back on April 15, April gave birth to baby boy names Tajiri, and if you recall, the videos following the birth became a viral sensation and became a national craze. According to  News 10, baby Tajiri is already 10 feet tall!

April calls Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York (Our near Binghamton) home.


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