My parents were like, "Marissa, what do you want to do for your birthday?"

I'm not a very materialistic person, I don't need much and I always get them experiences. Of course, I tend to surprise them and with the way my schedule is while they'd like to surprise me that's a bit difficult to do. So, when they asked, I picked the exact thing any 30-something would pick - "I want to see April the Giraffe!"

Animal Adventure Park credit: Marissa

Harpursville, New York is an easy road trip that's just over 2 hours from Albany to head to the Animal Adventure Park. We left Saturday morning and headed out. It's funny because you never really know what to expect with these different places and I thought maybe we had gone to the wrong road for a second. It was a back road (like the one Sam Hunt sings about) and seemed too country like for a zoo to be there, but there it was. Completely country and so beautiful.

Animal Adventure Park credit: Marissa

We parked in the over flow lot because, lets be serious, everyone is out to see the giraffe! And we headed into the park. It's pretty reasonable ($14 for an adult) to get into the place, considering the viral affects of April's pregnancy and the fact there are over 200 animals for all to experience. You can also buy different foods to feed the animals around the park, also reasonably priced.

Animal Adventure Park credit: Marissa

Pigs, Ostriches, Camels, Alpacas, Peacocks, Water Buffalo, Capybara, Hyenas, Monkeys, of course Giraffes and so much more is there for all to see and experience.

Animal Adeventure Park credit: Marissa

There's a long line awaiting your April the Giraffe experience, but it moves quickly and not only that but they don't rush you along. You're able to see her, pet her, feed her and get a view of baby Taj and Daddy Oliver (who is very protective, so they ask that you don't feed or try to pet him.)

I took a lot of pictures throughout the park and some video as well. You can see a bunch of my experience including feeding April below