Under a new amendment to their party platform, the Republican Party will declare internet pornography a "public health crisis".

North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester proposed the amendment in a subcommittee of the platform committee yesterday morning in Cleveland.
The platform provision states -
"The internet must not become a safe haven for predators...Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions. We encourage states to continue to fight this public menace and pledge our commitment to children's safety and well-being. We applaud the social networking sites that bar sex offenders from participation. We urge energetic prosecution of child pornography which closely linked to human trafficking."
The amendment passed with little debate.
Other debates over the new platform on touched on a variety of topics, like abortion and medical marijuana.
A completed draft is expected to be sent to the floor of the convention next week.
What do you think?  Is porn a Public Health Crisis?
David Becker/Getty Images