Are you a true crime fan? Have you ever wished that there was an event where all of us can get together and talk about all of the true crime shows, movies, books, we're obsessed with? Well, pack your bags because CrimeCon is coming to the East Coast.

Have you wanted to talk about true crime with your friends but they all look at you like you have seven heads? Well, Oxygen has developed CrimeCon where you can join with all of your fellow true crime fans to talk about our favorite topic.

The East Coast stop closest to us is in Orlando from May 1-3rd. They also have an CrowdSolve coming to Chicago February 21-23rd. Then, later in the year, they have a CrimeCruise planned from Miami to the Bahamas from October 9-12th.

During the Crowd Solve in Chicago, they'll present the participants with the case of Kurt Sova: "in 1981 a 17-year-old boy vanished from a party in suburban Cleveland. Five days later he was found dead in a nearby ravine." They're hoping to use your help and a new set of eyes to solve this cold case.

In Orlando, you'll be able to hear podcasts talk about cases they've discussed and famous names in the crime world along with those with a large amount of experience will also be on hand to answer your true crime-related questions. They also include some VIP experiences for those who buy the higher packages.

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