This weekend and through October 7 you can get a good look at the international space station.

Staring into the night sky and star gazing can be a breathtaking experience. For the next couple weeks, you can see something man made flying through space.

According to the Spot The Station website, the International Space Station will be visible tonight and Sunday night.  You will also be able to spot the station oat various times over the next couple weeks.

But if you want to get a look tonight, you can visit the Spot the Station website for details on when to look, and where to look in the night sky. For example, tonight the website says the station will be visible at 7:15pm for 2 minutes. It will appear 24 degrees above the horizon to the east, and will disappear 11 degrees above East Northeast. This basically means look to the east 24 degrees above the horizon and you should see it appear, and it will disappear in the Northeast. If you can't watch it tonight, you can find more times here to see it over the next couple weeks. They also have a more detailed explanantion how to look into the sky to see the station!

Happy space station gazing!

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