Summer means all of my favorite things: beautiful weather, more time in the sun & sitting outside on a patio or a beach somewhere with a cool light beverage. You know the feeling, though, you're out with friends and you want a cool drink on a hot day but can't decide. No worries, a national magazine has picked the drink of the summer and it's local.

I feel like I have to be honest before I start this blog, I'm already obsessed with Nine Pin Cider & I'm already a member of their exclusive 26er Club. Known as New York's first farm cidery, you can find their location in Downtown Albany and a good amount of their products in stores all over the area. When I saw that Instyle Magazine picked Nine Pin Cider's


Cidre Rose as the drink of the summer, I was so excited for them!

Cidre Rose is the Nine Pin Cider that we know and love plus the addition of rose from another local company, Capoccia Vineyards which has a storefront in Downtown Schenectady. It's full-bodied, it's sweet and the flavor is a mix of grapes and apples. There are a ton of other great summer local drinks you can try if this particular one isn't for you, is there any drink (alcoholic or not) that you'd add to the list?

Adirondack Winery [Lake George] has Prospect Mountain White, a light and semi-sweet peach infused wine. It's fruity and sweet, perfect for a hot summer day.

Mad Jack Brewing Co. [Schenectady] has a delicious Irish Red, a little heavier but you can go and sit outside in the beautiful weather on their back deck.

Shake Shack [Saratoga Race Course] has probably one of my favorite shakes of all time. Non-alcoholic, it's a mix of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel. There have been times I've gone to the track, bought that and a burger and then left.

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