I drive past the little house at 303C State Street in Albany all the time, but I've never seen it available for rent so I looked into whether or not I could afford to live in this home, formerly a carriage house that was built over 170 years ago!

What is a carriage house?

The main headquarters is located at 303 State Street in Albany (on the corner of State and Dove) was built in 1850 and has a total of 5,520 square feet.  303C is adjacent to that property, and is known as a "carriage house".

Back in the day when automobiles were not widely used yet, carriage houses, also commonly called coach houses, were built by the wealthy.  Historians will tell you they built these smaller spaces, separate from their main homes for storing horse-drawn carriages and other related equipment.

How much would you pay a month to live inside this carriage house in Albany? Before we say how much it costs, let's take a look around.  It may be small, but it's pretty well-equipped!

Inside the Smallest House in Albany For Rent! What Would You Pay?

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