Blogs are supposed to be about stating your point of view, correct?  It's a venue for people to "let it all out", to vent, to express yourself.  Sorry.  Don't feel like it today.    Today's show put me in a S**tty mood.  There.  I said it!

Actually, it put me in a VERY S**TTY mood.  I put that in CAPS PURPOSELY, OK???? 

You see, we got into the economy, the problems with teachers, state workers rights, social security, --it went on and on and we solved nothing.  We had good callers, and it was a very interesting conversation, don't get me wrong.  We need that once in awhile.  And I enjoyed the show, don't get me wrong.    But I'm still in a bad mood.   Don't go near me.

So much so that I went into the production room and took my keyboard out.  I tried to play something on the piano to put me in a better frame of mind.  "In The Mood", the great Glen Miller jazz hit was the first thing that came to mind.  But then I started putting words to it, and you should hear what came out of my mouth.  Thank GOD the door was closed. 

I haven't even aired this yet.  You are hearing it first.  And I apologize in advance for all the cursing in it.  I hope it passes the WGNA censors.  Here goes

And special thanks to 4 of the girls in the sales department for providing backup vocals.  (They didn't want their names mentioned. Bad moods!)