It's my favorite time in March, besides my birthday, NCAA College Basketball Tournament time. Time to fill out my bracket and hopefully have a little money come my way.

I haven't had the best of luck with my brackets the last few years. Major upsets and just downright bad picks have killed me. But it's still fun and it gets me more interested in the games. I'm already a buyer but if there is a chance a little money may come my way I will definitely glued to the TV.

I have another reason to look forward to the games this year and that is due to family! No, I don't have a relative that plays for any team, but I do have a cousin Claire who will be cheering on the Long Island University/Brooklyn Blackbirds. She's been a Cheerleader for the last 2 years.  I haven't seen her in forever, but thanks to the power of Social Media we have reconnected and I can't be happier to see that she will be part of a huge National Television Broadcast as the Blackbirds take on Michigan State this Friday night at 9:10. LIU Brooklyn is the 16th seed and Michigan State is #1. Never in the history of the NCAA's has a 16th seed ever beaten a #1 seed, but for family sake I hope it happens just this once. It would be HUGE!

Now I'm not saying that's  how I am picking that game in my bracket, but I will be more than happy if it does. Go Blackbirds! and Claire I will be watching for ya! Be sure to say Hi to your favorite Cousin if the camera is on you!!!