That's what they say, folks.  If you're feeling tired, go for good old fashioned, out of the faucet WATER.According to, a publication I read all the time (arrf arrf), water is your friend when you are tired, because fatigue, according to the article is one of the first signs of dehydration.  Also from the article, this fact:

A recent study from Tufts University found that mild dehydration -- a loss of just 1 to 2 percent of body weight as water -- was enough to impair thinking


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Now this is not to say that you can't get your water from other sources, by the way. You can have coffee or fruits or vegetables that have it in there, but make sure that you get it from someplace and you'll be wide awake, like us morning radio personalities.  (Right now I should jump into a swimming pool and drink it. I'm writing this at 6 a.m.).





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