There have been many mornings that we are running late only to realize that our windshields are covered in ice or snow. Check out this ingenious hack that will clear your windshield in seconds. If you could save yourself just a few more minutes in the morning during the winter months, wouldn't you do it? Well a weatherman in Knoxville, Tennessee has made a solution to spray on your windshield to defrost it in seconds.

No more wasting gas by starting your car ahead of time or freezing your fingers off scraping that pesky ice off of your windshield. It is a simple solution that you probably have the ingredients to right now in your home.

There are only three things you need. An empty spray bottle, water and rubbing alcohol. Just mix one third part water and two-thirds part rubbing alcohol and pour it into the spray bottle. Spray the solution on your windshield and in seconds the ice disappears.

The reason this works is because the rubbing alcohol freezes at minus 138 degrees. You can always keep the bottle in your car because it will forever remain a liquid solution. You're welcome!

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