There are so many beautiful lakes for us to enjoy in and around the Capital Region. But there is one you are going to want to avoid because raw sewage has been leaking into it for hours. According to News 10 ABC, Lake Lonely in Saratoga County has been contaminated after gallons of untreated raw sewage was discharged into the lake Monday. Officials are warning and advising residents to avoid the lake.

A New York alert was issued that said the raw sewage discharge started around 7am on Monday morning and continued for seven hours. Authorities say that approximately twenty gallons of sewage flowed into the lake PER MINUTE. That is an estimated eight thousand four hundred gallons of sewage that leaked into Lake Lonely.

They brought in contractors to repair the broken pipe and a vacuum truck was used to clear the area. The beaches affected included the bathing beach and public area near 519 Cresent Avenue.

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