Are you feeling left out at work?  Maybe at school?  Do your kids ignore what you say?   The answer doesn't necessarily lie in expensive therapy.  You can get off alot cheaper and get the same effect.  Break out your old teddy bear!According to an article at, studies have shown (don't you just love these studies?)-but it's true-studies have shown that "touching a teddy bear lessens the negative effects of exclusion".

According to the article, They took a group of students.  One third were told that they would end up alone in life.  Another third were told that they were the type who has rewarding relationships through life.  The final third said that they were likely to be accident prone late in life.  And what happened?  The article goes on:

Of the participants who were feeling alone and excluded, those who had touched the teddy bear volunteered more often than those who had not. This effect was absent for members of the other two groups.

We should give world leaders Teddy Bears.  Khadafi!  Kim Jong Il! How about Congress?  Charlie Sheen!  All Red Sox fans!  Donald Trump!  Let's get the whole world to calm the heck down!!

Who else should carry one around? (And no, this is not being brought to you by that Teddy Bear Company, although it would be a great tie-in, wouldn't it? )