I don't wanna grow up (or find out this is happening) I'm A Toys "R" Us kid!  I remember when my parents used to take me there and it was like being in toy heaven.  I loved testing out the new Atari 2600 video games, seeing what new He-Man toys came in, and sometimes if I was lucky, my dad would let me sit on a new bike and take it for a spin.  It wasn't about having all the toys, it was about knowing all these toys existed and dreaming of how amazing it would be if Santa was generous enough to bring me one.  Any such memories for kids in the future would vanish if Toys "R" Us does what many industry experts believe they will do; close all of their stores as soon as this week due to bankruptcy.

A News 10 ABC report is claiming that the bankrupt franchise is heading toward closing all of their stores due to declining sales.  Insiders say it's due the popularity of video games and other high-tech toys that kids are increasingly playing with instead of action figures, dolls and board games which is something that Toys "R" Us make it's mark selling.

A spokesperson for Toys “R” Us declined to comment on the matter.


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