Have you ever seen the show "What Would You Do?" Let me be your John Quiñones. You live in Rotterdam, this house is your next door neighbor. What do you do?

The difference between this and what they cover on the show is that this house really does exist in Rotterdam and this person really has neighbors and they're not happy about it. The Daily Gazette even described it in their headline as "Unsightly." Neighbors have been complaining about clutter and the town has already sent a letter to the owner. Technically, it's their property and they can do with it what they wish and I guess they're technically not breaking any laws.

I'm from the mindset that you don't know everyone's backstory or what they're going through and without knowing this person's, it's hard for me to judge the living situation or the house. I understand where the neighborhood is coming from but being this person's next door neighbor would make it hard to decide "What would you do?" Could you come up with a solution? Would you handle it privately with your neighbor, take it to the town, build a fence so you don't have to see it or would you have another plan?

THIS is what the house looked like in 2011 via Google Maps:

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

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