This Paula Deen controversy has literally caused me mental anguish.  I see that Kevin Richards has also done a poll on the subject, so I'm going to jump into the fray as well, but from a different angle.   I'll give you my two cents, and then would love to hear yours. 

Here is my article in audio format in case you don't have time to read it below.  Would love to know your point of view.  You can skip down to the bottom and leave it in the comment section after listening.  There is also a replay of the Today Show interview with Paula that you might want to hear.


The Food Network's Paula Deen is definitely taking the hit and the heat from something she allegedly said to an employee of her restaurant back in the '80's.  Supposedly she was held up at gunpoint and was so aggravated that she blurted out the "N" word against her attacker.

Why this took so long to be exposed, I don't know, but the bottom line is that many of her endorsement deals are drying up and her job at the network looks like it is also   If you want the whole story, here's the interview to watch - from the Today Show with Matt Lauer.


OK, you saw the whole thing.  The question remains.  Should she EVER blurt that word out in conversation?  Absolutely not. The word is as VILE, demeaning and as racist as any imaginable.  Does it matter that she said it decades ago verses five minutes ago?   That's another argument for another article.

What makes me crazy regardless  is that  I still hear the "N" word  being used -whether in popular song  or uttered in malls and other places where teens gather.  I've heard African American kids address each other with the word, I've heard white kids refer to their African American friends using the word right to their face!

If you ask them, they will undoubtedly say that "it depends on how you say it"or " It's all about how it's used in  CONTEXT .  NO--IT'S NOT!   

Why in God's name would you continue using a word amongst your own creed or national origin that upsets you so much when others use it?   Anyone who feels that they get a "pass" to be able to use it is a total hypocrite.

This word being used in current rap music simply advertises it to a new generation.  In a very weird, odd way, I'm asking rap artists to become role models - YES - role models by not demeaning themselves as well as others by perpetuating it!

There's a book on the subject from  I haven't read it yet, but would like to see this person's take on it.  I would also like to hear YOUR take on the subject.  Leave your comments below!

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