When I was growing up in Mechanicville, there was a store that was a staple in the community. It was around as long as I can remember, and we all knew the family too. Now after 70 years, they will be closing their doors forever. Although DiSiena Furniture was started way back in 1947, it has lasted 70 years, the owners say they can't compete anymore with the big box stores and online sales. This Mechanicville landmark will surely be missed, but for me it was always more than a furniture store. Sure we got our couches and recliners there through the years, but it was more about the DiSiena family.

According to their website, Angela and Bernard DiSiena created a part-time business selling televisions, air conditioners and kitchen cabinets. They grew into two showrooms one on Central Avenue and one on Round Lake Avenue, plus a warehouse and design center off Round Lake Avenue. Bernard passed away in 1975 and Angie ran the business until she passed away at 87 in 2010. It’s now owned by her children, Bernard DiSiena, Salvadore DiSiena and Carol Zapppone.

chrissy, Townsquare Media
chrissy, Townsquare Media

In 1998 DiSiena Furniture was in the direct path of the tornado that ripped through Mechanicville. The DiSiena children said that the tornado really set them back. They did rebuild, but their sales were never the same. The stores will close on September 14th.

I understand that it is business and 70 years is a great run, but I am sad to see an iconic store from my childhood, who the people of my hometown truly love, close its doors. It's the end of an amazing run with a wonderful family.

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