I didnt do too poorly in high school. I did okay in college. Never got any awards. Never really made the Dean's list that many times.  But I felt fairly intelligent.  Now I don't.

According to this fascinating (yet oddly depressing)  article at Newser.com, a kid from Chicago, Arianna Alexander, not only was the Valedictorian of her school, but she got accepted into --are you ready for it? --26 colleges!  Six of the schools were Ivy League.

She went to Kenwood Academy there, and she was so in demand, if you added up all of the scholarship  money she was offered, it totaled  $3 million because of her academic record.

I think I got a few 3.5's in college, and I was thrilled to get that.  Good old Arianna had a 5.1 grade point average.  I'm not even smart enough to know  how you would even achieve that, but she did.  She finally picked the University of Pennsylvania.

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Now please, don't go yelling at your kid for being an underachiever after reading this.  Suffice it to say, this is quite an aberration (that's a big word I learned in English class, but it didn't earn me a 5.1)

Congrats, Arianna!  (SMARTY-PANTS!!)

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