We want to help raise money for worthy causes in the Capital Region.  Here are 2 such events you need to be aware of

SALT.  That stands for Schoharie Area Long Term Recovery.  (Yes, that town still needs help - that's how bad the flooding was there years ago).  They are having a fantastic event at the Carrot Barn, 5605 NY 30 in Schoharie on Sat June 27th.

Here are the fun details (I hope you have an appetite)

Bounty of the County
SALT Schoharie County

The second event I wanted to mention is from a group that I have had a connection with through my Reading, Writing and Rhyming Progarm - the School Administrators Association of NYS.  

They are very big on giving scholarship money to deserving students.  Here is their latest, greatest charity event.  You can contact jthompson@shalmont.net or contact the phone numbers below.


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