We went wine shopping with our friends, the Nelsons, recently.  Debbie Nelson, a prominent veterinarian  in the area steered us to Empire Wine in Albany, because she said that her favorite winemaker, Joseph Carr was going to be there signing bottles!  So off we went, and I ended up interviewing him right there! 

Joseph is actually a Capital Region native.  According to his Facebook profile:

Joseph Carr was an award winning Sommelier, who chose to follow a dream in 2005, when he founded Joseph Carr Winery in Carneros, California. “We’re a family owned company dedicated to making world class, handcrafted wines. We work with small growers, coopers and winemakers producing handcrafted wines from Napa Valley, and North Coast of California.”

And lo and behold-there he was, behind a counter signing bottles of his famous wine!  During a lull in the action, and with trusty iPhone in hand,  I did a quick and dirty interview with him.

He's very interesting to speak with, and I appreciated him giving me a few moments of his time.  Speaking of wine connoisseurs, I happen to know another one in the area who told me that he would be willing to answer any questions you may have about wines.  What kind is the best for the holidays?  Which goes best with Christmas cookies?  That kind of thing!  If you write your question in the comment section, I will compile them and do an interview with fellow Sommelier Nicholas Purnomo from Yono's Restaurant in downtown Albany.