There has been a ton of chatter about what is needed to be served with alcohol at New York state bars and restaurants. With many places trying to find loopholes, the governor has given a little bit more clarity. In the last few weeks, bar and restaurant owners across the state have been trying to appease the government's regulations on being open and serving alcohol. The announcement from Governor Cuomo was that establishments that serve alcohol must order food. Owners got creative and started serving small sides for just a dollar.

According to, those dollar items to find the loophole in the governor's mandate is not enough. The New York State Liquor Authority has stepped in stating that those dollar items don't meet the regulations. This is under the existing law for a bar serving food.

Snack items such as chips, popcorn, peanuts, chips and salsa do not count as substantial food at a New York bar and restaurant that serves you a drink. Types of foods that do fall into the category are items like wings, salads, soups, hot dogs, and burgers.

The new mandate is that when customers order a drink, they must also order food that counts as not just a snack. You are allowed to share food but it must be substantial enough to be able to share.

According to Governor Cuomo, restaurants and bars already have to sell food as part of a requirement in having their liquor license.

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