This should be considered of badge of honor when you achieve something like this.  I would like to recognize these fine youngsters if you don't mind

62 kids from a school in Teaneck, NJ did a very noble thing...Can you detect my dripping sarcasm here?  Check out this video from CBS, and I hope you're not eating while you are reading this.

Screen Shot Teaneck High School
Gerry Images

Did you HEAR that?  They broke into the school, at 2am on Thursday , peed in the halls, put vaseline on the doorknobs,  wrote graffiti on the walls!

And according to the report, one senior is quoted as saying "it's not as bad as everybody is making it seem…"

Kids. KIDS!  I'M YELLING RIGHT NOW.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE DEFINITION OF A PRANK IS? According to Merriam-Webster, it is "a trick done to someone that usually is a joke". "A mildly mischievous act".

Now kids, here is your homework assignment.  I would like you to look up "felony" when you get a chance.

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