Coming from someone who was born and raised in Troy I personally love this idea. The Graffiti Busters to help clean up vandalism in the Collar City.

Let me tell you a little about Andrea Daley. Andrea is the head of a Neighborhood Watch near her home in Troy. “I just want to see the area cleaned up,” said Daley when talking to CBS 6. I don't blame her in the least. I've seen Troy begin to flourish again. Whether it be the destruction of some vacant dilapidated buildings or seeing brick crosswalks. Troy is making the attempt to make people aware of how awesome it really is.

The Graffiti Busters as they are being called are doing consultations to help residents remove pesky graffiti that looks awful on their homes. Supplies are being purchased from grant money to make things even better.

Mayor of Troy Patrick Madden is calling on many people to help out “We need the other neighborhood groups to be as engaged as this neighborhood group,”. It brings me great joy to hear this being from Lansingburgh which has seen a spike in violence and vandalism in recent years.

If you live in Troy and respect its rich history as much as I do and want to see a change check out the link below to CBS 6 and see how you may be able to help out in the cause.