On the heals of Hurricane Harvey, there is now another very powerful storm developing in the Caribbean. How will Irma affect us here in New York?According to the Weather Channel, Hurricane Irma has already reached Category 5 status as it moves through the Caribbean. By the time Irma gets close to Florida, it is expected to weaken to Category 4 which is still a dangerous storm. So will we see the effects for this one here in New York state?

The Weather Channel says the path is still uncertain. Some models have the storm taking a strong turn North over Florida, while others could have it turn further West where it would hit land on the Gulf Coast. Saturday will be the key day of this storm as far as it's path.

Either way this storm goes, it will most likely be much weaker than it is right now if it makes it up our way. Hopefully this one gets much weaker in the coming days or goes completely out to sea in the Atlantic. It would be terrible to see another situation similar to what happened in Houston - fingers crossed for our friends in the Southern US!

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