Hurricane Irma

More Local Help Heads To Puerto Rico
The American Red Cross has been helping all of those affected by all three hurricanes. Capital Region residents have been traveling to the affected areas and now more are being deployed to Puerto Rico.
Your Orange Juice May Cost More...Thanks, Irma
Growing up, we would always spend two weeks at my grandparents' house in Florida. A good chunk of our vacation would be spent at the local orange grove. Since Hurricane Irma barreled down on Florida, the farmers are saying that their crops have been severely affected.
New Information on Capital Region Gas Prices
You may have noticed that gas in the Capital Region has gone up recently, because of the recent tragedies in Texas and Florida but AAA has some details on when we should see those prices go down.
Former Local Anchor’s Irma Report Goes Viral (VIDEO)
Former News Channel 13 anchor Jessica Layton was reporting on Hurricane Irma over the weekend and a man appeared in her video for literally a split second, but as we know, the internet catches everything!  Layton, the consummate professional, was doing a "live shot" about Floridians evacuating in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, when this happened…
Area’s Bravest Are Florida Bound For Irma Relief
To the many brave men and women leaving their families behind to assist in Hurricane Irma relief, THANK YOU!  This storm is a behemoth and the more I obsessively watch and track it, the more anxious I become. These fine men and women may are your neighbors and or family members, and their risking their safety for complete strangers.  There is nothing more noble.