Hurricane Irene, that hit our area as Tropical Storm Irene has made this one hell of a week for so many people, right here in the Albany area and surrounding communities, but I don’t have to tell you that.

Local Farms Devistated

I still keep looking at the pictures and watching the news stories about the massive devastation and destruction to towns, like Prattsville, Middleburgh and Schoharie, and our neighbors in Vermont and Massachusetts, just to name a few.

Of course it goes without saying that you (our WGNA listeners) deserve a great big thank you for helping us raise over $30 thousand dollars for the Red Cross of Northeastern New York, with the marathon broadcast of the Sean and Richie Show, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Another helpful event going on was give to you from Jeff Levack, about The Tide Loads of Hope at the Walmart in Cobleskill.

There’s one pretty big industry that has been hit hard. My Friend Cait McVey from Fox 23 News contacted me about one. That is the farming industry. She covered one particular story in Albany County, in the Town of New Scotland about a farmer who lost his corn and pumpkin crops. I know that there are thousands of stories of a lot of farms besides this one that lost so much more, but she asked me if I could somehow help her spread the word.

It made me think of how much farm land we have in the area. There have been whole farms that lost their crops for this year, and so close to the end of the growing season. Plus so many dairy and poultry farmers that lost livestock because their cows and chickens died in the storm. Some farmers live on their farms, and have also lost their houses. These people work hard at a sometimes thankless job to supply food for all of us.

This is another way that you can help. The New York Farm Bureau and The can tell you how to help out in this part of the devastation. If you know of a farmer please let them know that they can contact the Farm Bureau or the Federal Emergency Management Administration for details about getting some other assitance. My prayers go out to all victims of this devastating storm.

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