Hurricane Irma destroyed parts of Florida and left six million Floridians without power. People all over the country are pitching in to help and hundreds of workers from the Capital Region are on their way to Florida. This week 300 National Grid workers from New York and Massachusetts headed to Florida to help the millions without power. They left on Tuesday and they will stay over in Virginia and then head to those hit hardest by the hurricane. National Grid says this is one of the largest industry restorations in the country's history. The mission is to repair poles, clean up downed trees and power lines and ultimately restore power as quickly as possible.

It won't be easy for these workers. They will be working sixteen hour days and staying in hotels with no power. Yes they will be paid for their work, but they will be away from their families for however long it takes to get these Floridians back up and running.

Thanks to those who are willing to reach out and help those in need. Thanks to these National Grid workers to ban together to restore power to millions.

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