First of all, I didn't realize how tall Howard Stern is!

Howard joined Don Rickles on one of David Letterman's last nights hosting The Late Show on CBS and decided that there was no better way to send him off than a kiss!

Did you know that Letterman has made more than 6,000 hours of late night television!  His amazing career comes to an end on May 20.

Jimmy Kimmel said last week that he'll run a repeat show opposite Dave's last show.  He said he doesn't want to even try to compete with the legend's last show.

Letterman has always been my favorite show to watch when I'm up late.  I love the Top Ten, and all the stupid ways they smash fruit!  I think the announcer is hysterical and I have always loved Paul and the band.

Jimmy Fallon is great, I giggle at Kimmel sometimes, and this new guy, Corden seems cool... but I'll aways miss Dave!

I'd give him a goodbye kiss too!


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