It's the nectar of the gods for morning radio people.  We scramble for it every day.  We beg, even plead with each other to be the one to make the "run" each morning to the local Dunkin Donuts. This is survival, people! But maybe we're not using coffee the right way!  Are YOU?


According to an article at there are ways to be strategic about your java use.   This is a long article, and I'll let you read it above should you wish, but here's just one piece of advice:

"Drink some coffee fairly quickly (assuming you aren't already buzzing on the stuff), then take a 15-minute nap. That gives your body just enough sleep to feel slightly refreshed, and the caffeine enough time to start taking effect the minute you wake up"

Isn't that WILD?

But in order for you to change your use of coffee they first recommend the following, according to

Ease yourself completely off coffee over about 10 days. That may mean some headaches and groggy mornings at first. But once you’re clean, you can manipulate your intake to make your cup of joe work for you:

In other words, cold turkey withdrawal from the stuff and then start from scratch in a more strategic way.   That's asking alot!  They obviously don't get up at 4am every day!

By the way, this is my cup.  I keep finding it on the WGNA sink, unwashed.  I'm a little bitter about it.  And it's a personal slap in the face to our meterologist too.  Whoever it is, I'm calling you out right here, right now!  GET YOUR OWN CUP!


Are YOU addicted to your cup of beans in the morning?  Tell me about it!  Would love to know