Life Saver?
You got the Monday blues? I know I do, but then again, I do every Monday morning. There is nothing better though than that first cup of coffee, right? Then you start thinking about all those times you have heard that caffeine is bad for you, maybe you find yourself limiting the coffee to one a day m…
Drinking Coffee Could Lessen Depression in Women
While some experts have speculated that the antioxidants in coffee have health benefits, a large new study, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, says women are less likely to become depressed if they drink a few cups a day.
How To Use Coffee Wisely-Say WHAT?
It's the nectar of the gods for morning radio people.  We scramble for it every day.  We beg, even plead with each other to be the one to make the "run" each morning to the local Dunkin Donuts. This is survival, people! But maybe we're not using coffee the right…
Signs of a Caffeine Overdose
Yesterday, I had a bit of a long day and though I never felt tired, at the end of the day, I questioned why the night still felt young.  Then it dawned on me.