We have always known the Hudson River was not the cleanest and recent tests have revealed a multitude of substances in the water.

The thought of swimming in the Hudson River would probably keep you up at night, and actually swimming in it may actually keep you up at night after recent testing revealed caffeine, among other drugs, is present in the river.

According to a recent report in the Times Union, testing done in 2016 showed concerning levels of caffeine, '...artificial sweeteners and numerous medications for high blood pressure, ulcers, heartburn and pain relief. The drugs are likely getting there through municipal sewer treatment systems.' Samples were taken at 70 locations between New York City and Troy, and the levels were most concentrated near sewer systems. The levels are a result of human consumption and sometimes people simply flushing drugs down the toilet.

The Times Union article says researchers say there is no known danger to the municipalities around Poughkeepsie who use the river as a water source, plus that watered is filtered before being used. They are not sure at this point how the caffeine or other drugs could affect aquatic life.

Bottom line, I still wouldn't swim in the Hudson. Unless I need a caffeine pick me up!





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