We have been hearing all sorts of talk about how, as humans, we must not look at the sun during the solar eclipse on Monday. I will be protecting my eyes, but how can we make sure that our pets are safe too?As with humans, pets could suffer from retina damage and even blindness if they are to look up at the sun during the solar eclipse. So whether you are using special eclipse glasses, welder's mask, or making your own pinhole projector, you will be safe, but what about your dog?

If your dog is like mine, there is no way I can get him to sit still to fasten a pair of special glasses to his furry face. But I do want to make sure Freddie doesn't burn his retinas. There are a couple of things, as pet owners, we can do.

First of all, many veterinarians say that pets do not typically look up at the sun. It's just not in a dog or cats nature to ever stare at the sun. But they do recommend, just to be safe, that you bring your pets indoors with the blinds closed. This way you can ensure that your pet will not be tempted to watch this amazing phenomenon.

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