A recent national study to rank the cities with the worst traffic revealed how much time we actually spend in traffic here in the Capital Region every year.

And the number is pretty staggering. According to a recent TImes Union article, it's 60 HOURS! That's 2 and a half days, or basically a weekend. I wouldn't mind having that extra 'weekend' to spend doing something else, and I bet you feel the same way.

The crazy thing about all this data is that we are nowhere near the worst in the nation. The study by TomTom ranked Albany at 65 out of 80 cities for the worst traffic, and we landed at 178 worldwide.  A US city didn't even rank in the top 10 worldwide, which is crazy considering some of the traffic hotspots we have. As you would expect, the worst city in the US for traffic congestion is Los Angeles, which ranked #12 worldwide.  The study says Mexico City has the worst traffic congestion in the world. You can see the full rankings here.

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